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Napster client with many features:

  • Multithreaded downloads with priority and queue settings.
  • File sharing (upload) with drag'n'drop support and more.
  • Private messaging and multichatting (with channel list window).
  • Advanced search with column list sorting.
  • External MP3 player spawning; play the music while you download it!
  • Navigator to connect to favourite servers (choose from list).
  • Hotlist with online/offline notification and browse facility.
  • Separate window for each task, and optional icon panel.
  • ARexx port for scripting.
  • Locale support - the world's first Napster client in 19 languages.
  • Help bubbles and AmigaGuideŽ chapter lookup.



CountryEdit is a small tool to edit the country files that define various options and strings used for formatting by the Locale system. Unfortunately these settings are hardcoded into the country files (which pretty much makes it a "take it all or leave it" solution), and no GUI has existed to change individual strings - until now.

CountryEdit is a fully localized MUI application that supports all country options. Use it carefully to modify your country file to match your personal preferences.



This program was written for customers of the Danish cable-modem ISP, StofaNet. It uses the telnet protocol to perform the login/logout procedure automatically. Features:
  • Nice and simple MUI GUI (optional).
  • Reads command line arguments to login/logout without GUI (useful for scripting).
  • Configurable.
  • Logs actions (Phonebill scanner entry included).



WebYAM is a CGI script (written in ARexx) to access YAM folders from a web browser. To use the script you must install a web server, e.g. Apache. A static Internet connection would also come in handy, since there's really no reason to access your YAM folders from a local browser. ;-)

YAM - I've recently joined the developer team
WinOpenURL - OpenURL client/server to open URLs on a Windows machineNew
MM_PowerFix - Powerfull FidoNet AreaFix for MailManager with advanced configuration facilities.
Misc. ARexx scripts
Translation projects


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