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I started this project after visiting the official ID3 homepage and reading the ID3v2 specifications. It was clear to me that this proposed tag format was thought through - unlike the old ID3v1 format. So I searched Aminet for some ID3v2 supporting programs for my beloved Amiga, but didn't find any - except AmigaAmp, which is able to read title, artist, album, year and genre from the ID3v2 tags. Since no tools seemed to exist, being able to write tags and read some of the more exotic frames, such as encapsulated pictures, lyrics etc., I decided to write some. The ID3v2 Package is the result of this effort (so far). My main goal at the moment is to be able to write tags following the standard (and read them again). I'm working on support for more frames, but I don't know yet if I'll create a GUI. For now, enjoy the command line.


ID3v2Write: ID3v2Read: TODO:


Version Date File
1.0b3 29.7.99 ID3v2Package.lha


Development of this package is discontinued, since maintaining assembler source is no longer my idea of having fun. Instead I have plans to develop a new program from scratch in C++ using ID3Lib sources and with a brand new MUI GUI.

More news

02-Aug-02: The new ID3v2 project was put on hold due to limited time for the development combined with lack of motivation. The current screenshots are now available here.

30-Aug-01: I started the new ID3v2 project a few weeks ago, and it's going well. It's not based on ID3Lib, but written from scratch in C with a nice MUI GUI. Screenshots of the current alpha version will be available soon.